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10 Ways to Deal With Stress

Each of us has days that are more stressful than others.  Whether it is real or not stress is hard on our bodies. Here are 10 ways to deal with stress.

Stress can show up in a multitude of ways in our bodies.  Too many high-stress days can really take its toll. Don’t let this happen so often that your body gets used to and stays in a state of overload.  Don’t let this be you.  You can develop techniques to deal with this high level of stress.

10 Techniques

When you find yourself experience high volumes of stress and struggling to stay calm try some of these techniques.

Take a walk. Take the time while you are walking to do deep breathing.  Use this time to only focus on the breathing not focusing on anything else.  Don’t let your mind wander.

Breathe deeply. The easy way to deal with stress. Breathe in for 5 seconds and hold it for 5 seconds. Now exhale for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times and focus only on your breathing.

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What Does it Mean to be in Collection

What Does it Mean to be in Collection? You may find it helpful to know how debt collections work.

What is a debt collection you ask?

A debt that is not been paid can be sent to a 3rd party called a collection agency.  Those agencies collect for the original company after you have typically missed several payments.  Those companies typically only get paid if the debt is paid.   They usually will give you different ways to take care of the debt.

What to Expect When You Have a Collection Account:

When the collection agency works with you to pay your debt, they will contact you via phone, email, and letters.   In the end, they report to the credit bureaus.

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Don’t Allow Criticism to Destroy

Don’t allow criticism to destroy you.  Learn how to gracefully accept criticism. Let’s face it not of us like to be criticized, however, criticism is part of life.  You have no control over people saying unkind things about you.  You can try to hide from it or deny it but that brings no value.  The best way to handle it is to be prepared with a way to handle it when it comes.

This is a process that will allow you to effectively handle criticism. 

You must learn from it, and move on: 

Wait – take a moment to pause.  

Typically, our first reaction is in defense and not the best.   Take a moment, breathe in and let it out slowly and pause.  You can save yourself a lot of embarrassment by walking away and taking the time to think it over.

Take the High Road

Opportunity to be the bigger person.   Keep in mind criticism is not to you personally but to your actions.   Try to detach your emotions from the situation and analyze it from the other person’s perspective and realize we all have room for growth.

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4 Simple Reasons to Use a Collection Agency

Here are 4 Simple Reasons to Use a Collection Agency.

  1. When you outsource it and it is an agency calling they realize you are serious about collecting is the number 1 reason. This allows you to come across professional yet serious.  The collection agencies have a much better track record with collections.  They typically get a quicker response so your cash flow doesn’t take a hit.

2. Takes the stress off you and or your employees would be reason 2. Collections is never a fun job and can be very stressful especially when you don’t have the means or information about how to find them or approach them.   Keep in mind you may be asking someone to do collections that were not hired for that position, so it can relate to a disgruntled employee.  Keep your employees happy by not putting them in the position of the big bad wolf – the collector.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not dead as some suppose.  even though you must work harder to be heard above the noise.

Keep in mind the best email subscription forms requires you to put in very little information.  The true best is first name and email.  The more you ask for the less fill it out.   They just close out of the page when you start to ask for too much information.    You can share all you want once they have opted in.

By Law, you do not have the right to buy a list or take everyone you have ever met and put on your email list.   Best is a double opt-in as it totally protects you and helps you keep a clean list.

There is a multitude of choices when choosing an email responder system.  You can go with the Cadillac of systems with Infusion Soft or something much more reasonable like Aweber.   What determines your choice is what do you need it to do.   Do your research.  Infusion Soft offers a ton of bells and whistles to segregate your lists while Aweber gives you a great simple platform with a high delivery rate.

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Don’t Collect Without Knowing the Law

It might sound good to “save money” and do your collections in house.  Don’t Collect Without Knowing the Law!  Besides it being a tough job are you aware of the laws surrounding collections?   It can cost you so much more, in the long run, doing your own collection than handing it over to a reputable collection agency.

We work with your debtors and help them figure a way to pay their bill in an ethical manner.  We want to save face for both the debtor and the company.   They can become your greatest ambassador in the future.

We work with companies who value their clients and customers.  We want a winning situation.


Here are 7 of the areas we see clients get themselves in trouble with the Law.

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Why Would We Hire a Collection Agency?

5 Reasons Why You Would Hire a Collection Agency

One of the top reasons businesses fail is the lack of cash-flow.  Collection Agencies have gotten a bad rap and rightfully so with some of the people claiming to be reputable.  Those people were out to make a quick buck as they say.   Hiring a collection agency is EASY!   Hiring the RIGHT agency is not so easy.   Are they reputable?  What kind of rating do they have with the BBB?

Did you know….


We don’t get paid until you get paid

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7 Offline Marketing Tips for 2018

Check out these 7 Offline Marketing Tips for 2018.

Everyone is more familiar with online marketing but that is not the be all end all.   Marketing is like putting a puzzle together and there are many pieces.   The number one word that should come to mind for both is Relationships.  People buy from people the know, like and trust.

  1. Have an event or sponsor an event. You want the advertising of your brand front and center. Example if you are Tire and Auto company you might want to have an event for Women to show them how to take care of their vehicle.   Many times, this leads to new business as you have now become someone they can trust.
  2. Donate a product of gift certificate: When you donate a gift certificate for a great cause that is a win but when they become a returning customer because they liked your service or product that is a win – win.    This is getting your name out there to many that may not have ever hear of you or may have never seen your location as it might not be easily visible.   Don’t forget to sponsor the local school sports teams in your area.

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Understanding Collection Agencies

WorkaholicUnderstanding Collection Agencies is quite simple.  Typically, a collection agency is contacted to take care of outstanding debt that is past due.   A collection agency has access to software and know the laws of collection.  Collection Agencies are considered a third party.   Companies with the past due debts turn it over to the “Collection” Agency and they contact the debtor direct.

Once a client is delinquent the process of the collection begins.  They hand over all the information and it is up to the collection agency to contact them. If an arrangement of repayment cannot be agreed upon the debtor will be reported to the credit bureau.   This can leave a big ding on their credit history.

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Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

We have all heard the term “Smart Goals”.   Goal setting for entrepreneurs is not different than goal setting for CEOs.   Everyone has different goals.

Make sure your goals are






Let’s look at realistic.   Do make your goal unattainable as you will only beat yourself up for not obtaining that goal.   Keep in mind some goals look great on paper but are much more difficult to achieve.  On the other hand, don’t make them so simple that you are guaranteed to reach them.  Goals are meant to stretch you.

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