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Don’t Collect Without Knowing the Law

It might sound good to “save money” and do your collections in house.  Don’t Collect Without Knowing the Law!  Besides it being a tough job are you aware of the laws surrounding collections?   It can cost you so much more, in the long run, doing your own collection than handing it over to a reputable collection agency.

We work with your debtors and help them figure a way to pay their bill in an ethical manner.  We want to save face for both the debtor and the company.   They can become your greatest ambassador in the future.

We work with companies who value their clients and customers.  We want a winning situation.


Here are 7 of the areas we see clients get themselves in trouble with the Law.

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Why Would We Hire a Collection Agency?

5 Reasons Why You Would Hire a Collection Agency

One of the top reasons businesses fail is the lack of cash-flow.  Collection Agencies have gotten a bad rap and rightfully so with some of the people claiming to be reputable.  Those people were out to make a quick buck as they say.   Hiring a collection agency is EASY!   Hiring the RIGHT agency is not so easy.   Are they reputable?  What kind of rating do they have with the BBB?

Did you know….


We don’t get paid until you get paid

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7 Offline Marketing Tips for 2018

Check out these 7 Offline Marketing Tips for 2018.

Everyone is more familiar with online marketing but that is not the be all end all.   Marketing is like putting a puzzle together and there are many pieces.   The number one word that should come to mind for both is Relationships.  People buy from people the know, like and trust.

  1. Have an event or sponsor an event. You want the advertising of your brand front and center. Example if you are Tire and Auto company you might want to have an event for Women to show them how to take care of their vehicle.   Many times, this leads to new business as you have now become someone they can trust.
  2. Donate a product of gift certificate: When you donate a gift certificate for a great cause that is a win but when they become a returning customer because they liked your service or product that is a win – win.    This is getting your name out there to many that may not have ever hear of you or may have never seen your location as it might not be easily visible.   Don’t forget to sponsor the local school sports teams in your area.

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Understanding Collection Agencies

WorkaholicUnderstanding Collection Agencies is quite simple.  Typically, a collection agency is contacted to take care of outstanding debt that is past due.   A collection agency has access to software and know the laws of collection.  Collection Agencies are considered a third party.   Companies with the past due debts turn it over to the “Collection” Agency and they contact the debtor direct.

Once a client is delinquent the process of the collection begins.  They hand over all the information and it is up to the collection agency to contact them. If an arrangement of repayment cannot be agreed upon the debtor will be reported to the credit bureau.   This can leave a big ding on their credit history.

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Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

We have all heard the term “Smart Goals”.   Goal setting for entrepreneurs is not different than goal setting for CEOs.   Everyone has different goals.

Make sure your goals are






Let’s look at realistic.   Do make your goal unattainable as you will only beat yourself up for not obtaining that goal.   Keep in mind some goals look great on paper but are much more difficult to achieve.  On the other hand, don’t make them so simple that you are guaranteed to reach them.  Goals are meant to stretch you.

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5 Collection Agency Benefits

If you have ever said I hate collections or that isn’t my job.  Look at these 5 collection agency benefits.   Any company who have unpaid invoices for 30-45 days need to hire a reputable Collection Agency?  Check out these 5 Benefits to using a collection agency.  This is considered your Bad Debt on your profit and loss statement.   Collections can be managed by an internal employee or outsourced to a reputable collection agency.

Remove Emotion from the Equation

By hiring a third-party collection agency makes is more cost effective and it removes all the emotion from the equation.  This also takes the stress and frustration off the business owner.  It many times will allow the company to salvage a business relationship with the debtor.

Wearing Too Many Hats

In the majority of business, the sales consultants not only have the position of a quota of sales, but they also must take care of collections as well.   If they paid based on commission, this can affect their paycheck.  This will leave you a disgruntled employee.

Don’t Waste Time and Money

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Tips You Can Use to Repair Your Credit

Here are a couple tips you can use to repair your credit.

All cases of bad credit are not a result of people being irresponsible. Some bad credit is strictly because of unexpected hardships that affect their financial situation. You may have been that person who paid your debts on time maybe even before due and then the next day an accident, job loss or health situation changes everything overnight. This can wreck your great credit rating and it was out of your control.

You can hire a repair service to get disputed entries removed from your report. But did you know that you can often get the same results at a much lower cost? It can be time-consuming. Below you will find 2 tips that can help you correct your reports yourself.

Option #1: File a Dispute with the Credit Bureaus

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How a Debt Collection Agency Can Save Your Business Time & Money

Take a look at how a Debt Collection Agency Can Save Your Business Time & Money.

 Outstanding debts are painful and annoying. Settle them once and for all with a Debt Collection Agency that produces results.

You don’t need to be a corporate mastermind to understand that collecting money is the main goal of any business. When the money you earned isn’t collected, you lose out on the value you created. Then, as time goes on, you’re increasingly less likely to recover that value.

If you’re a business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. Not only that, but the topic of debt collection is often intimidating. You wouldn’t want to spend your precious time diving into a complex subject that may or may not yield results in the long run.

This is where debt collection agencies come into play.

Debt Collection Agencies are 3rd party contractors who locate debtors and convince them to fulfill their monetary obligation to you. They specialize in debt recovery so you can continue working on other aspects of your business.

The right agency can get your hard-earned money back in your pocket quickly and effectively. They accomplish this through a variety of industry standard practices. Some of the most important aspects of a collections agency include…

Legal Protection

Debt Collection is a tightly regulated industry because of its history. In fact, consumers have filed more complaints with the Consumer Protection Bureau over collection agencies than any other business, product or services.

Consumers often seek every avenue when avoiding a debt. If you make a mistake while trying to collect from them, there could be legal consequences.

Collection agencies understand this and are therefore well-versed in both federal and state regulations. Allowing a debt collection agency to track down your debts eliminates your legal risk and puts it into the hands of a prepared company.

Success Rate

Hiring a debt collection agency significantly increases the odds you will receive your money. These agencies are experienced in locating and collecting outstanding money, and they typically have access to a wider range of resources than you.

While your main focus is running your business, their main focus is collecting your debt. They understand the most effective ways to legally coerce a debtor into paying and they pose a much larger threat than an individual business owner.


People typically pay much faster after being contacted by a debt collection agency. In addition to receiving your money in a timely fashion, it also frees you up. Hiring an agency allows you to return 100% of your focus back toward your business.

Not only will you have more time to concentrate on your business, but you will also gain the peace of mind knowing the revenue is on its way.

Debt Collection agencies serve a lot more functions, but these are the most important. Instead of letting a debt drag on for months or even years, you can retrieve your money now.


MCA is a third party debt collection agency that has been in constant business since 1950.  We are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and we pride ourselves in excellent customer service along with delivering great recovery rates.  There is no cost to you unless we collect!  Why not try and re-coop some of your past due accounts with no out of pocket expense?



What Do Collection Agencies Do

What do collection agencies do you ask?  The first thing once you receive a call from a collection agency your heart is beating harder and your mind is racing.  You may even realize you are behind or haven’t paid your bill but you were still dreading the phone call.   No need to be nervous you just need to understand the process and how you can reconcile it.

Keep in mind the collection agency ‘s end results is a paid invoice for their client.  They want to work with you.  They realize life happens and you probably didn’t intend for this to be turned to collections.

How Debt Collectors Work:

There are several ways Collection agencies operate.  Some operate in-house and someone from the company would be contacting you or they could be using a third party.   That would typically be an outsourced collection company or an attorney.   They generally would not contact you until you are 60 days past due.

They typically keep 25% – 45% of the recovered debt.  They recover for numerous types of industries such as medical, credit card, vehicle and home loans, unpaid utilities for just a few.

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Why Collection Agencies Exist

Why do collection agencies exist you ask?  No matter how great the company, there are going to be bad debts.  A Collection Agency exists to assist the business owner in securing that unpaid debt.   No business is too small or too large to have delinquent accounts.   If the company continues to try and collect on their own, they risk several things.

  • Taking too long and having to write it off
  • Approaching it without knowing the laws and getting in trouble and spent a lot more than they collect
  • Not having the necessary tools to track the debtor down if he/she moves

3 Techniques for Critical thinking!You probably wonder how they charge

Many think it is too expensive for little results.   How they charge is a great question as some collection companies charge a large fee upfront and they don’t push to collect like those who you only pay if they collect for you.   The latter option leaves those business owners with a win-win.   

Allowing a collection agency to work on your behalf allows you to retain that customer and their referrals in the future.  It takes the emotion from the equation as this could be someone you have known for years or even a family member. You do want to do your due diligence and search for a reputable collection agency like MCA Collection Agency with their A+ BBB rating.  They can help you if your business is in MO or TX.

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