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Choosing the RIGHT Computer

Choosing the right computer is priceless to a family but more critical to a business!


This article on How to Choose a Computer by Wiki has some valuable information even if it is directed at Personal computer purchase.

They talk about evaluating your needs and this should be our first step on any big purchase we make.

What are you planning to use the computer for?  Once you understand that it makes it easier in evaluating your needs.   Does it need to be portable like a laptop or does it need to be stationary as a desk top because many will be using it?    This again is all part of the evaluation process.

tablet computer and green energyIn the article they reference playing games makes a difference but in the business world what types of software are you going to be using.  What value do you need to put on graphics and images? Choosing the right computer is priceless to a family but more critical to a business!

 Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding…

  1. What value do you need to put on graphics and images?
  2. How much storage space do you need?
  3. How many people will be using it?
  4. Are you storing confidential documents?
  5. What size space to you have to use this computer?
  6. Do you prefer Windows based or Apple Based products?
  7. Are you syncing other technology to it?
  8. What is your budget?
  9. What kind of speed is preferred?
  10. Do you need to have an external disc drive?
  11. Can they be upgraded?
  12. What kind of warranty is offered?
  13. How is the Support Dept?
  14. How much time will be spent on it? (Especially  if you plan to use it out of the office, if using a laptop you will need to know battery life )

If you have the option and you are only purchasing one computer and are not looking to purchase several, allow the person using it to help in the decision making.  Computers are something you spend a lot of time on daily and we all get use to certain things we appreciate and others we dislike greatly.


If you have a choice and need a more robust system with more power a desktop is going to be a better choice but again evaluate.

Happy Computer Shopping!

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