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Steps to Take Before Contacting a Collection Agency

Take these 3 steps BEFORE contacting a collection agency:

  1. Did you invoice them and allow them enough time to pay the debt?
  2. Did you call them 15 days after it was due?
  3. Did you send a letter within the next 15 days?

If all of these steps have been taken and checked off your list and still no payment, now is the time to turn the account(s) over to a reputable agency like MCA Management Company. Why are you spending your valuable time trying to do the job of a collection agency instead of doing what you do best?

Don’t let those accounts receivables get pushed to the bottom of the pile, turn it over to a collection agency before it is too old and forgotten. We work with our clients to collect those unpaid invoices and we do it all for FREE until we collect. When we do our job well, then you get paid and so do we.

Do you know MCA has collected as much as 50 + % for some of our clients, when the industry standard on collections is only about 25%? Another amazing fact is we have had most of our clients 10+ years and some as long as 20+ years. You can see they decided a long time ago it was much more profitable for them to continue working in their business and let us do what we do best, Collect. At MCA Management Collection Agency we would love to add you to our long list of VERY happy clients. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



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    This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This communication is from a debt collector.

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